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Bartholinitis is an inflammatory pathology, usually associated with a decrease in immune defense or sexually transmitted diseases. The Bartholin glands become inflamed - a paired formation that lies in the thickness of Careprost labia of a woman. They got their name from the name of the anatomist who described them - Caspor Bartolini, who studied the female reproductive system in the 17th century. Their function is auxiliary: they secrete a small amount of mucus in the vestibule of the vagina, which plays the role of a natural lubricant during intercourse.

The development of bartholinitis is due to infectious causes, that is, the direct entry of pathogenic microorganisms into the Bartholin gland. Often the causative agents of the disease are infections that are sexually transmitted. Most often it is gonococci and trichomonas, less often chlamydia. But often bartholinitis causes non-specific microorganisms from the category of pyogenic flora (streptococci, staphylococci and E. coli). The fungal nature of the inflammatory process (Candida mushrooms) is not excluded.

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To prepare a tincture of aloe with honey, you must first grind 300 g of the leaves of the plant. Depending on how the disease proceeds, acute and chronic bartholinitis is divided, which often recurs, so it is called recurrent. Bartholinitis: symptoms and photos.

The very first symptom of bartholinitis in the vast majority of cases is inflammation of the excretory duct of the gland, located at the vestibule into the vagina (see photo). The symptom manifests itself through the reddening of the opening of this duct and the appearance of minor purulent-mucous discharge.

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At the same time, the skin of the labia minora near the opening of Careprost softens somewhat, and when probing, an increase in the excretory duct of the Bartholin gland is detected. This is the stage preceding bartholinitis, the disease itself occurs when the duct is blocked, thickening and accumulation of mucus, and, as a result, the transition of the inflammatory process directly to the gland. The inflammatory secret, continuing to accumulate in the lobules of the gland due to blockage of the duct, soon leads to the appearance of a false abscess.
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This condition manifests itself through the following symptoms: Acute onset with severe pain localized at the site of abscess formation. The intensity of bimatoprost increases when sitting, while walking, having sexual intercourse, going to the toilet. Weakness. Significant discomfort. Chills. High temperature - up to 39 degrees; Swelling of the affected labia majora. With its severity, it is possible to completely block the entrance to the vagina. Hyperemia of the skin with preservation of mobility. Soreness on touch. As the pathology progresses, the swelling softens (fluctuation occurs when pressed), which means the appearance of a purulent capsule inside the gland and the development of a true abscess of the Bartholin gland.
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Increased pain in the labia majora, from which pathology has formed: the pain becomes pulsating and constant. Deterioration of the general condition of the patient, characterized by a rise in temperature to 40 degrees and an increase in the intensity of symptoms of intoxication (weakness, headache, chills, dizziness). An increase in leukocytes and ESR, detected by the results of laboratory blood tests. Local signs of a true abscess are: bright red color of the skin over the swelling - while it is motionless; sharp pain when probing the swelling; pronounced swelling of the labia majora, the volume of which can be very significant; in some cases, there is an increase in inguinal lymph nodes.

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It is possible to open an abscess on your own, in which there is a noticeable improvement in the patient's condition:

However, significant stabilization of the condition does not mean recovery. The resulting capsule is not emptied. The infection remaining inside the gland can provoke recurrent suppuration. In no case should you try to squeeze out the abscess on your own, since the infection can enter the bloodstream, spread throughout bimatoprost and lead to sepsis. The diagnosis of bartholinitis is established by a gynecologist after questioning and examining the patient.